Chiropractic Testimonials

“He is totally friendly. My mom also uses him. I refer a lot of people to him. He is very christian, very friendly, he talks and he listens. They are just very good people that work in the office – all of the staff. His wife also works there. I just think that they are great."

- Eileen P.

“Came in for my back. Now I am in A LOT less pain. Dr. Dokka is the man!”

- Jerry H.

“I feel very blessed to have found Dr. Dokka. His gentle manipulations, super-friendly staff, and variety of treatments is just what I needed after my recent accident. I have been to several different chiropractors in the Clearwater area, and Dr. Dokka is the BEST! Big thank you Dr. Dokka & staff!!”

- Kelly D.

“Dr. Dokka has a genuine concern about my over-all health and diet. I can breathe easier and reach down without pain.”

- Walt J.

“I have been going to him for three years. It is easy to get an appointment, and even if you do not have an appointment and if there is a major issue, you can go in. He is very professional and really good about explaining procedures. He is very educating. He is genuinely concerned about the well being of his patients. The office is wonderful, and I don’t remember waiting for a long time ever.”

- Carole E.

“Dr. Dokka really helps me with my back and the cold laser therapy worked wonders on my arm!”

- Dottie B.

“I have been a regular patient of Dr. Dokka’s since 1999. He has kept me walking, bowling and in A-1 health! Because of my good health, several of my friends have become patients of Dr. Dokka, and have had wonderful results as well. It is always a pleasure to come to his office. He has an excellent staff that are always smiling and friendly.”

- Ruth H.

“I am so thankful to Dr. Dokka for helping me after my car accident. I was in a lot of pain from the whiplash and was finding it difficult to function normally. After getting an MRI, we discovered that I also had a herniated disk. He helped me to regain full function and literally gave me my life back. So Thank You, Dr. Dokka and everyone at Clearwater Spine & Rehabilitation!”

- Ed H.

“Dr. Dokka has treated me for back and neck pain after an accident. I have gone from being twisted barely able to walk; in severe pain, to being back at he gym exercising and working again. I highly suggest you see him for proper care for spine injuries. Some doctors wanted to cut me open and put stainless steal bolts inside me. I am so glad I found Dr. Dokka and avoided surgery.”

- Matt J.

"I had been in a car accident and had whiplash and a sore neck and pain in my low back. Dr. Dokka took very good care of me. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

- Review from Google user

“After a recent car accident left me with a herniated disk, I was having on-going back pain & discomfort. The relief I’ve experienced is phenomenal.

After working with Dr. Dokka & his team over the last year I am now virtually PAIN FREE! Thanks for giving me my quality of life back! I can’t put a price on being able to play with my kids again & live with relief—Thanks to everyone at Clearwater Spine & Rehabilitation! ”

- Cyndee H.

“This is the best office atmosphere coupled with the best service mixed with an affordable cost = Grade A”

- Elijah M.

“Dr. Dokka and his staff are the best you will find in Pinellas County. He is a very caring doctor – he listens to all your concerns and works with you. He also addressed some other health issues that I had that weren’t even the reason that I came to him. Super nice guy!”

- John H.

“Dr. Dokka and staff are just fabulous folks. The doc takes the time to listen to you and hear about your issues prior to ANY measures being taken. It’s a far cry from the cattle-herding of most medical facilities. The staff is personable, professional, polite, and polished! This is a great team of folks who truly are concerned with your welfare and health. Couldn’t be happier with the service and treatment that I receive there. Thanks!”

- Lyn M.

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